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vExpert 2020 - My 2nd star

Last month, I was informed that I have been accepted to the vExpert 2020 program. This is the 2nd year that I have been awarded vExpert and thus, I have 2 stars on my vExpert badge. I started off this website with the sole intention to document my passion and learning experience about my work life. A surprise to find out that I'm getting recognized in this manner as well.

Every year, there are 2 rounds of selection for vExpert and for 2020, this is the first round and the 2nd round will be held in June. This time, there are a total of 1, 730 applicants who successfully passed the selection from 40+ countries. In Singapore, there are 35 of us. vExpert directory (link).

I shall not elaborate on the paths to vExpert program as it is the same as my previous blog (link). This year, similarly, I applied through the path of Evangelist, submitting mainly contributions from this website. There are also 7 vExpert sub-programs which are specific to various Vmware business units. These programs are much smaller in size and apparently, upon successfully accepted, will give you 'direct access to business units'. Criteria to even allowed to apply for the sub-program is, you need to be a vExpert.

Having a past 1 year of experience being a vExpert, I have definitely benefitted through the program. Every now and then, you will receive invites to exclusive webinars related to VMware products. You will be invited to a private #slack channel and private forums. You will have access to eval license for your home lab, which has been really useful for me.

I do not know what is going to happen in 2021. But if the selection criteria do not change too much, I do hope to continue applying for this program next year as well. I can see that VMware really does put in the effort and resources to support individuals towards our advocacy efforts.


"What do you think?"

Let me know if you think there are any important/useful details I have missed in the above write up.

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