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VMware vEXPERT 2019 - You're in!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

VMware vExpert program is a VMware's global evangelism and advocacy program., opened for application twice a year.

It's been probably about 6 months since I started this blog and I tried my luck applying for the vExpert program this year. Result was just out a couple of day ago and I was lucky to be one of the few selected for the program this year.

This year, there are a total of 2, 024 people select from around the whole and 24 people in Singapore selected for the vExpert program. It is definitely an honour to be one of them. Although this is not gonna make any difference in my objective and attitude towards my blog; this blog is mainly to document and share my learning experience towards a technical cloud PM.

From my understanding, there are 3 paths to vExpert program.

1. Evangelist path

  • This is the path which I took. This includes bloggers, authors, public speakers, etc who share their knowledge using their personal public platform to reach many people.

2. Customer path

  • For leaders from VMware customer organizations who have worked with VMware to build success stories.

3. VPN (VMware Partner Network) path

  • For employees of VMware partner companies who make their technical knowledge and expertise available to many people. Eg. event participation, public speaking engagements, etc.

Being a vExpert, you are given a certificate, a title, along with a long list of special privileges such as free licenses, private betas, exclusive opportunities, slack channels, etc.

vExpert Program Benefits

  • Invite to our private #Slack channel

  • vExpert certificate signed by VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger.

  • Private forums on

  • Permission to use the vExpert logo on cards, website, etc for one year

  • Access to a private directory for networking, etc.

  • Exclusive gifts from various VMware partners.

  • Private webinars with VMware partners as well as NFRs.

  • Access to private betas (subject to admission by beta teams).

  • 365-day eval licenses for most products for home lab / cloud providers.

  • Private pre-launch briefings via our blogger briefing pre-VMworld (subject to admission by product teams)

  • Blogger early access program for vSphere and some other products.

  • Featured in a public vExpert online directory.

  • Access to vetted VMware & Virtualization content for your social channels.

  • Yearly vExpert parties at both VMworld US and VMworld Europe events.

  • Identification as a vExpert at both VMworld US and VMworld EU.

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